We envision today’s
children as tomorrow’s
leadership icons.

We believe in a planned and goal-oriented integration of care, upbringing and teaching. This means that Iglookids want to holistically support the growth, development and learning of children and thus promote overall welfare. Our holistic approach borrowed from Finnish education includes instilling the values of equality, equal opportunities, justice and fairness in the lives of the children. Iglookids teaches the children to live and thrive in a multicultural society and to appreciate the diversity. At our nursery, holistic development also includes-

• Advice and support for healthy nutrition
• Child growth and health monitoring app for the parents
• Equipment and facilities for physical activity and exercise
• Afternoon clubs for hobbies such as music, sport and art
IglooKids specially focuses on delivering high quality pedagogy inspired by the Finnish system and helping discover each student’s individual strengths. We employ teachers qualified to the high Finnish standard, who can adjust the share of care, upbringing and teaching according to the situation and developmental stage of the child. When the basic needs and care of the child are well covered, the child will direct her attention towards other children, the environment and the activities.
To support both individual attention and discovery of individual strengths, we want to involve the parents in close cooperation with our nurseries. Iglookids supports the parents’ involvement as active stakeholders in their children’s growth, development and education. The parents’ active role is enabled by -
• Hosting regular teacher-parent meetings
• Open house days for prospective students and parents to visit the nursery
• Easily available communication and feedback channels
• Ability to monitor the child’s development and health via a mobile app
• Community outreach activities, such as pop-up nursery days in residential communities or schools
For the benefit of the children and the nursery community, our teaching quality is continuously monitored by internal criteria and parental feedback.

Meet the team

The Iglookids global team supports the set-up and operations of our nurseries in all markets.


IglooKids Early Education Advisor, Associate Dean of Global MBA, ESSEC Business School France Education Management, IIM, Ahmedabad


IglooKids Early Education Advisor, Adjunct Professor at Aalto University, Finland, EU


IglooKids Partner, CEO of a Management Consulting Firm at Finland


IglooKids Partner


IglooKids Chairperson, CEO of ICT firms from Finland