Open your own nursery in partnership with us

We have witnessed that there is demand for different kind of education across countries in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. Parents who are aware of education schemes around the world are searching for options to the most common offerings, which are often based on teaching predefined outcomes, administering standardized testing, leading to stressful school environments. Iglookids is different in its values and delivery and can therefore clearly differentiate itself from other nurseries.

Iglookids International Preschool™ (IKIP) is the preschool concept that provides end-to-end services to create a high quality early education concept based on globally renowned Finnish education principles. We offer services to set up a new nursery as part of our network across the globe. Iglookids centralized education expert team in Finland also supports all nurseries by providing coaching, knowledge, processes and materials. Our branches get a flying start with the provided early education assets. We offer you a packaged solution covering all essentials such as branding, marketing channel support, interior designs, learning materials, ERP and other solutions and continuous training.
Do you recognize yourself from these criteria? :
• You believe in putting the wellbeing of children first in early education
• You have sufficient education background and access to financing
• You are willing to work in start-up mode of business
• You strive for top service quality
• You have a location or city identified for starting a preschool

If you want to discuss setting up a Iglookids nursery in your area, we would engage in the following process with you:

Our key team member representing your area will have discussion with you to discuss
• Business proposal
• Negotiations
• Finalising agreement
• Preparations and brand compliance
• Launch of centre
• Ongoing support model

When we have reached an agreement, we offer your Iglookids nursery the following support:

IKIP Business Start-up Kit
• Training, induction workshops and project details with planning
• Aesthetically designed classroom designs, tools, equipment and supplies (toys, furniture, themes, paintings, artwork, fun things and outdoor designs etc.)
• Complete preschool management induction via business operation and management guides
• Branding and PR support tailored for the operating market and competition (Effective marketing and sales training and support for every campaign)
IKIP Cloud ERP™: Mobile Apps / Web access / GPS tracking
• Web and mobile app -based access for parents to access their children's status at the centre
• IP cameras / CCTV and GPS based tracking, monitoring of preschool transportation vehicles
• RF code and intelligent identity management ID cards for students
IKIP Content
• Our own books which are simple, meaningful and have fun-filled content for toddlers (IKIP Books™)
• Our easy IKIP Worksheets™ that kids love, enabling true learning in the play-based curriculum
IKIP 3D Smart technology™
• 3D makes learning and interactive tasks more fun
• Our content is completely digitized to make learning more meaningful (learning 21st century skills)
• Learning by playing, less reading at an early age
IKIP Play-Based Curriculum™
• Patent pending play-based curriculum development and design tool in the cloud
• Continuous measurement and improvement support on overall curriculum, including training
• Operations supported by our international education expert team in Finland
• 360-degree assessment model
In short, you should collaborate with us if you want to:
• Work with a team of passionate and dedicated international professionals
• Have the freedom to decide daily operations
• No hidden costs or strings attached
• Participate in a successful and proven business model