Our education ecosystem

Finland is rated as #1 for education and best schools (source: BBC). Best application of different educational theories and practices have for decades been done in Finland. We at Iglookids focus on exporting Finnish education to the rest of the world by establishing nurseries and primary schools across various regions in Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

We stand out by following a teaching philosophy still uncommon in the world - we put the child and her wellbeing in the center.

• Finnish students have consistently topped international surveys, tests and rankings (e.g. PISA) over the past decade, a status earned by going completely against conventional schooling tradition that involves monitoring, standardised testing and long hours.
• All educators, even those who aim to teach the youngest students, must be highly educated. There are no fast-tracks into teaching, and every class teacher must obtain a Master’s degree.
• Schools are fear free places, fierce competition and standardized testing are not used as tools to drive students.