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Iglookids offers your child an international nursery environment from where she or he can proceed to any type of kindergarten or Cycle 1 school. We cater to children from 4 months to 6 years of age. We want to offer the children a sense of continuity and security by having the same teacher work with a group across the academic years. Following this central principle of Finnish education, the teacher is able to follow the behavior and results of each child in the long term and adapt the treatment, learning methods and activities to individual needs.
Iglookids nursery is based on the world-renowned Finnish education philosophy – our curriculum includes the applicable parts of the Finnish early education curriculum, which are integrated to the local curriculum and requirements. This unique approach is tailored for each Iglookids country by our early education expert team, who are based in Finland and consult the host country local experts and authorities.
We ensure the Finnish child-centered early education principles are followed in all Iglookids nurseries by employing teachers and staff who are educated and trained in Finland, and can coach all other teachers in the Finnish way of caring for children. What is more, our Finland-based education experts team offer the teachers both face-to-face coaching and online learning to support adoption of early education best practices.


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